Monday, 21 November 2011

Caz and Xander: Maternity

BellePixelle apologise for our long radio silence. Please forgive us; we've been busy having a baby!  Our baby boy, Alexander, is now 5 weeks old and well and truly settled into our little family and we are thoroughly enjoying him.  Our gorgeous little man. 

6 weeks ago our baby looked like this!

A 36 week ready to pop bump. Infact we are surprised that it didn't pop considering our boy was born at 8lb 13oz and four weeks prematurely! He obviously cooked very well!

Taken in the few days following his birth he looked like this;

and now at one month old he looks like this; already growing and changing so quickly! Where is the time going? 

We at BellePixelle believe in the importance of capturing memories. Growing a baby is a precious time and we think bumps and babies need celebrating. Proudly show off a swelling tummy; it is creating a little miracle. Ladies our bodies really are amazing.  A pregnancy passes by so quickly (even if it doesn't always feel like it at the time!) and the newborn days, as we're discovering, is a speck in a persons life time.   Little people grow up far too soon. 

So if you are currently pregnant, or enjoying your newborn or older children, why not consider us to capture your precious moments too? Because these moments need cherishing. 

Take a look at more of our photography here and get in touch! 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Ally: Children and Families

On the 25th June 2011, BellePixelle were involved in a charity event raising money for Sands; the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. When I say involved, what I really mean is that we organised it! It seemed only right that as part of our efforts we donated a portrait package voucher to the raffle!  

The lucky raffle winner was our friend Ally! 

A couple of weekends ago we were finally able to meet with Ally, and her three gorgeous children, Jade, Sofia and Richie so they could enjoy their prize! Mind you, I'm not sure any of the children realised they were the subjects of a photo-shoot! Meeting with Ally co-incided with a 'mega-meet' of an online forum we are both members of, and as Ally had requested lots natural shots to be captured, Jon set to work taking photos of Ally and the children as they played amongst everyone else there!  It was all very relaxed and informal and we're really pleased with Ally's finished images.  

So why Sands? Sands has become a charity very close to our hearts over the last 14 months since our little girl, Anabelle was born sleeping. It is a little known fact that seventeen babies each and every day are stillborn or die soon after birth in the UK. This shocking figure equates to 6500 babies every year. Sands provide much needed support to families who are devastated by the loss of their baby, work with professionals to improve the quality of care and services offered to bereaved families and promote research and changes in practice in an effort to reduce the number of babies that die. 

There have been times since we lost Anabelle that we've relied heavily on Sands and organising an event to raise money for their continued services seemed the perfect way to celebrate and remember Anabelle's 1st birthday.  

With all of our efforts and the amazing generosity from everyone else who came on board with donations and attending our events we managed to raise a staggering £5815.74 for Sands in Anabelle's memory! More than we ever imagined would be possible. Currently we're waiting on Santander organising some part-matched donations as promised from their end; but we're hoping the final figure between us and them being in the region of £9000 plus! Incredible. 

Sands is therefore BellePixelle's chosen charity. Please keep a look out from time to time how you can get involved and help us support them too.  The inspiration for our business name has probably also become apparent now as well! 

Friday, 12 August 2011

Kai: Christening

Meet Kai. Isn't he gorgeous?!  A smile impossible to resist! 

The 17th July 2011 was a special day for Kai and his lovely Mummy and Daddy; Gloria and Allan. Kai was christened in Beechwood Park Church infront of all his family and BellePixelle were thrilled to be invited along to capture it. 

I must say for a six month old baby Kai was impeccably behaved! There was a lot expected of him; he was wanted to pose for numerous shots for the camera, entertain all his guests and shine at the front of the church for the actual service. And shine he did. 

Of course; like most babies being christened he cried a little while the minister baptised him with the water but apart from that he took everything in his stride!

So for our favourite photos of the day: It had to be these two of Kai with his parents. We think they full of love, adoration and pride. Just beaming! 

BellePixelle recieved a hugely warm welcome from the whole family and enjoyed a lovely time both capturing the special moments of their day and being included in all the lovely hospitality, food and drink.  We're vvery much looking forward to working with you again sometime! 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Fiz: Pets

Introducing the furriest member of our family!  This is Fiz; our 4 year old tabby cat.   

Fiz joined the Morgan household in June 2007. She was 6 weeks old, tiny and gorgeous! My first pet, I fell in love with her in no time at all. Over the years she has firmly established that her favourite things are tuna, my pink gown, her green mousey toy, drinking water out of the bath tap, scratching the arms of our sofa, snoozing in soft places and her Daddy-Cat (also known as BellePixelle photographer Jon;  I'm only wanted first thing in the morning for fusses because she can't wake him up, for dishing out the treats because she knows she can win me around and I'll only do for everything else when and if he isn't around!) 

As you can see Fiz enjoys lying down. A lot. A typical lazy cat! Infact as I type this it appears she has taken herself up the stairs for another snooze on the bed. That'll be the umpteenth time today! 

Pets are often the members of a family that outsiders rarely understand. Especially if they are not pet owners themselves. BellePixelle understand that more often than not the furry friends in our lives are like our extra children. Fiz is most definitely one of my babies and I'm very guilty of spoiling her rotten!  

Having a resident pet has given us lots of opportunity for capturing examples of our pet photography. We've been lucky enough to use lots of our friends furry household members too! 

We would love for your fur-baby to be next; how about a special professionally captured portrait to treasure for life? 

Check out some of our other pet pictures of Alfie, Poppy, Tia, Jess and Dexter on our facebook page. 

Friday, 22 July 2011

Daniel and Janet: Wedding

One of the first occasions we were asked to undertake in our new photography venture was my brother's wedding. This was Autumn 2010 and their wedding was booked for just over 6 months away. Our vision for BellePixelle at the time was in its very baby beginnings and naturally Jon was apprehensive about taking on such a big occasion so soon. Photography shoots generally don't get bigger than a wedding; and my brother's was no exception with over 200 guests invited to the day! 

The date was agreed and BellePixelle set about preparing our kit and ideas ready for the big day. 

So the 26th March 2011 rolled around and their wedding day; we slipped into our dual roles of close family of the bride and groom, photographer, bridesmaid and photographer's assistant. We like to be busy! 

Janet of course looked simply stunning in her lace overlay gown finished with sequins and pearls. Calm, collected and radiant all day is not something many brides can boast but Janet took the entire day in her stride. Happiness shone from both Daniel and Janet throughout the day along with the weather which was gloriously warm and sunny for early spring. 

Like all good weddings there was a theme; daffodils. Long been the running joke in our family of joining the Welsh with the English; Daniel (the Welsh one) and Janet (the English one) wed in her home city Plymouth but incorporated a beautiful yellow Welsh daffodil theme into their big day. And with the sun shining it couldn't have been a more perfect choice. 

Our personal favourite part of the day was spending time at Saltash Passage capturing those beautiful new married couple moments! Going there en-route between ceremony and reception provided the only part of the day Daniel and Janet were really alone to revel in the moment of being just married, and provided us with some of our BellePixelle favourite shots from the day! 

All in all; capturing their entire wedding day started from 9.00am with bride and groom preparations and finished at well gone 9.00pm with their first dance. When the camera was finally put away at 10pm, and Jon was handed a well earned pint, a lot of photos had been taken and after all was finished we had more than 400 post-processed, fully edited photographs to give them in all.

BellePixelle abolutely love the finished work from our first big occasion shoot, and it is extra special to us that it was a personal family event too. If you want to peek at just a few more shots go take a look at our Facebook page and read Daniel and Janet's wedding write up in the The Plymouth Herald

Thank you for giving us such a big part in your day Mr and Mrs V!  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

About Us

We are a top quality photography service that finds "beauty in pixels".  We offer portrait, baby and child, family, birthdays, christenings, occasions, maternity, pet or whatever type of photography you personally have in mind! 

Creating that special image is what we do best - at whatever occasion we are privileged to be a part of. 

Photography has long been our passion; our business is inspired by our own family and we understand just how precious memories are. We want you to be able to cherish your images for a lifetime and we endeavour to capture those beautiful, unforgettable moments just for you. 

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Jon and Caroline Morgan