Friday, 29 July 2011

Fiz: Pets

Introducing the furriest member of our family!  This is Fiz; our 4 year old tabby cat.   

Fiz joined the Morgan household in June 2007. She was 6 weeks old, tiny and gorgeous! My first pet, I fell in love with her in no time at all. Over the years she has firmly established that her favourite things are tuna, my pink gown, her green mousey toy, drinking water out of the bath tap, scratching the arms of our sofa, snoozing in soft places and her Daddy-Cat (also known as BellePixelle photographer Jon;  I'm only wanted first thing in the morning for fusses because she can't wake him up, for dishing out the treats because she knows she can win me around and I'll only do for everything else when and if he isn't around!) 

As you can see Fiz enjoys lying down. A lot. A typical lazy cat! Infact as I type this it appears she has taken herself up the stairs for another snooze on the bed. That'll be the umpteenth time today! 

Pets are often the members of a family that outsiders rarely understand. Especially if they are not pet owners themselves. BellePixelle understand that more often than not the furry friends in our lives are like our extra children. Fiz is most definitely one of my babies and I'm very guilty of spoiling her rotten!  

Having a resident pet has given us lots of opportunity for capturing examples of our pet photography. We've been lucky enough to use lots of our friends furry household members too! 

We would love for your fur-baby to be next; how about a special professionally captured portrait to treasure for life? 

Check out some of our other pet pictures of Alfie, Poppy, Tia, Jess and Dexter on our facebook page. 

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