Friday, 12 August 2011

Kai: Christening

Meet Kai. Isn't he gorgeous?!  A smile impossible to resist! 

The 17th July 2011 was a special day for Kai and his lovely Mummy and Daddy; Gloria and Allan. Kai was christened in Beechwood Park Church infront of all his family and BellePixelle were thrilled to be invited along to capture it. 

I must say for a six month old baby Kai was impeccably behaved! There was a lot expected of him; he was wanted to pose for numerous shots for the camera, entertain all his guests and shine at the front of the church for the actual service. And shine he did. 

Of course; like most babies being christened he cried a little while the minister baptised him with the water but apart from that he took everything in his stride!

So for our favourite photos of the day: It had to be these two of Kai with his parents. We think they full of love, adoration and pride. Just beaming! 

BellePixelle recieved a hugely warm welcome from the whole family and enjoyed a lovely time both capturing the special moments of their day and being included in all the lovely hospitality, food and drink.  We're vvery much looking forward to working with you again sometime! 

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