Monday, 21 November 2011

Caz and Xander: Maternity

BellePixelle apologise for our long radio silence. Please forgive us; we've been busy having a baby!  Our baby boy, Alexander, is now 5 weeks old and well and truly settled into our little family and we are thoroughly enjoying him.  Our gorgeous little man. 

6 weeks ago our baby looked like this!

A 36 week ready to pop bump. Infact we are surprised that it didn't pop considering our boy was born at 8lb 13oz and four weeks prematurely! He obviously cooked very well!

Taken in the few days following his birth he looked like this;

and now at one month old he looks like this; already growing and changing so quickly! Where is the time going? 

We at BellePixelle believe in the importance of capturing memories. Growing a baby is a precious time and we think bumps and babies need celebrating. Proudly show off a swelling tummy; it is creating a little miracle. Ladies our bodies really are amazing.  A pregnancy passes by so quickly (even if it doesn't always feel like it at the time!) and the newborn days, as we're discovering, is a speck in a persons life time.   Little people grow up far too soon. 

So if you are currently pregnant, or enjoying your newborn or older children, why not consider us to capture your precious moments too? Because these moments need cherishing. 

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